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“As a stay at home mom, I was nervous about having construction crews do work in my house with a newborn at home, but I had a kitchen/breakfast room I could not live with any longer; particularly as our family was quickly growing. The rooms were dark and the doorways from the kitchen to the family room were narrow. I wanted more of an open space plan to open up the interior of the house. Milestone came in and went over my concerns and put together a plan that gave me 6’ wider kitchen. They opened the wall between the kitchen and dining room as well as widened the foyer and entrance and replaced the old door with a new half glass entry door with two sidelights. The result was a very bright and open plan that I absolutely love. The designer hit the target 100%. The construction crew was extremely polite and maintained a clean site. They vacuumed and cleaned at the end of every day. They installed plastic in the corridor that led to the bedrooms and we didn’t have any dust work its way to where my baby slept. Now I can’t wait to have them back in there to remodel the bathrooms and the bedroom side of the house.”

True Fixer-Upper

“I bought a true fixer upper. This house had not been lived in for over 2 years and it had good bones, but it was aesthetically a challenge. We knew going in that we were in for major renovations to make the home “livable”. I thought I would be able to do a lot of the work myself since I considered myself as a handy guy. But, I forgot about the part where I have a full-time job and working into the night and weekends would mean the construction timeline would be too long. We contacted Milestone and after sitting down with the project manager and the designer, we came up with a plan that made sense from a budget and schedule point of view. The work included every square foot of the interior of the house as well as the exterior too. We expanded the kitchen, relocated and widened the basement stairs and gave ourselves more of an open floor plan. The original home was a 4-bedroom 2 bath home. We gave up a bedroom and made a large master bedroom with an en-suite bath and oversized closet space. We also put in a full laundry room with a counter and tub sink on the first floor. The kitchen received new casework and granite tops as well as a new farm sink. Milestone did a great job for us, they finished the work ahead of schedule and on time. Call Milestone if building is in your future plans.”

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